This site is For Ken’s Real Estate Investment Firm, KREI. We will be going over on the various pages our real estate properties that we own and which ones are available. We will now take a brief look at all our companies and all the ways we can help you and a little about us.

In one of our companies, Ken’s Marketing & Consulting Firm, KMC, we market things in the form of consultation to help you solve problems. We do so from our various companies and through the organizations we represent.  There are many things we have from Our insurance Products through Ken’s Insurance Agency, Our Real Estate Investment Firm Ken’s Real Estate Investment Firm. These two firms can be found as links in the menu under the Investment and Education section. From each of our companies and then from our dissertations site we try to help people and benefit people. Within all these sites except the dissertation we do not take the salesman approach as we know people do not like being sold, but they may have problems that need to be solved, and so from any one of these sites we should be able to solve these problems. If we take the approach of getting to know you, building friendships with everyone, and find out what their specific needs, pains, and problems and approach from this point whether we are dealing with a business or a neighbor, or a someone across country then we build a stronger client and recruit base. All of our Personal Services have the ability to give you a second form of income and help you to move from employee to investor and to Business Owner. All of these companies are at least national if not also international on at least some if not all of their products.

Ken’s Insurance Agency, KIA, focuses on the Health Insurance needs, retirement needs, other financial planning needs, and then protecting your assets as you may see them and any businesses you may own. Also, in our financial literacy course we help you learn what is really an asset and what is really a liability, also what are the four quadrants of business standards and cashflow, where you stand in these, and where you want to be and then we start to develop a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be. This may be in insurance, may be through owning a business, or through investing, and depending on what it is and how we will look and compare them and help you find all the best and right options and how to implement them and be successful.

Ken’s Real Estate Investment Firm, KREI, is a firm that we have properties that we have bought and that are held. We rent some of these properties out to individuals or lease them to businesses, some we have modified for AIRBNB, and others we are fixing up to resell. This will allow us to one help people that are taking a vacation, need a place to rent or buy depending on how we have them listed. These properties will be listed at various prices and in various areas.

The next of these that we want to talk about is Ken’s Dissertation Site which is where when we complete our dissertation for our doctoral degree will be at least one of the places it will be published. A dissertation is a paper that is done in school at a certain level that if you pass gets published and is meant to address a problem in an industry, look at every aspect of the problem, and find an adequate solution for all, and this solution may be implemented in all, in part, or not at all, but it can bring about change to make things better. After this paper is finished and we have published it here and in any publication we will periodically when we are seeing a problem in an industry we will develop and publish a new paper and in doing so it will be an update to the site. These publications may be in any industry, on any business subject whether it applies to one of these businesses or not. Sometimes we may take a hot topic like maybe global warning and give a perspective that may not be being seen also, but in doing so will look at both sides, respect all opinions, and show facts that we can prove and that we give proof of. Anything on this site will be a heavily researched item and when using these articles, we find we will give credit to the author.

The final company we will talk about here is the main one this site is geared to, KMC, Ken’s Marketing & Consulting firm. Most of the items on this site from a consulting/service standpoint are from a Network Marketing or MLM Standpoint.  Although they are from this standpoint if you do not wish to do the business but want the product, we are more than happy to have you get the product and review our sites that we have added on the different pages. If you ever do decide to do the business on any of these, we will welcome you too. We also welcome questions on any company or product either from a purchasing standpoint or from a business standpoint. We have everything you could possibly need here from beauty products that are all natural, to cleaning products that are all natural, to food products again all natural, and these all help to improve your health condition and allow your clothes, furniture and stuff to be brighter, and cleaner than the store bought and for the same price or cheaper than the store bought. We also have things like credit repair, debt resolution, accountants that will help with raising the amount on your paycheck legally and without asking your boss for a raise. We even have things like website design/marketing and advertising options, and procurement, and merchant account, and payroll solutions, even business loans. On the procurement side we have everything from things you already are purchasing from any industry, lighting, electrical, water, gas, and waste and we can fund these projects for you from start to finish. All of our services are at no risk to you to get information and prices on. We even on the health products have a CBD company we have partnered with and that company has a zero-startup business option. Not all of our opportunities have a zero-startup option, but the fact is if you are a business owner and going to be successful then one you are going to use the products you represent, second using the products gives you creditability, and finally any startup cost are like all business cost a tax deduction.

All of these companies even though linked through this site together and then possibly being linked together on other sites but these are each their own entity and the products listed on each company pertain only to that company and not to any other company listed.

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